A chat with Top PayCentre Agent – Opeyemi Lamson Arowolo

At PayCentre, we make it a point of duty to appreciate our agents and gain valuable feedback from them, so when one of our top agents and also Agent of the Month in February; Mr Opeyemi Lamson dropped by the office to pick up his prize gift. We couldn’t help but have a little chat with him.

We chatted about his Agent banking business, his experience with PayCentre so far and his plans for the future.

Read the interview below…

Q: Tell us about yourself.
Mr Lamson: My name is Lamson Opeyemi Arowolo. I’m a farmer and I’m also into Agency banking. I’m an agent for PayCentre. I’m based in Ifo, Ogun State.

Q: How long have you been a PayCentre Agent?
Mr Lamson: About two and a half years.

Q: What is the name of your business and how many locations do you have?
Mr Lamson: Our name is FBS PayCentre and we currently have 11 locations. By the grace of God, we’ll have 6 more this year.

Q: What do you do to enhance sales in these locations?
Mr Lamson: You need to create awareness; having bold signs in front of your location helps. The signs should have things like a picture of POS machines and the like so people in your neighbourhood will know what services you offer.

Q: You’ve gone from being the owner of one location to 11 and hoping to expand even more, what’s your advice for someone that’s interested in being a PayCentre agent and how much capital should they start with?
Mr Lamson: First, You have to get your mPOS from the provider (PayCentre). Then you need to get a space/outlet where your business will be operating from. You’ll also need Capital, I think between 120,000-150,000 is okay.

Q: What security measures do you have in your locations that you advise other agents to have?
Mr Lamson: My advice is they shouldn’t take all their cash to their centres. They should take a part of it, and when it finishes they can go get more. That way their minds will be at rest.

Q: What are your greatest achievements/milestones as a PayCentre agent?
Mr Lamson: I have 13 ladies and gentlemen who work for me. Whenever I see them it reminds me I have become a job provider and I’ve been able to take people off the streets. I’m very happy about that.

Q: Would you recommend PayCentre network to another person?
Mr Lamson: Of course. PayCentre is awesome!

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