The PayCentre App now calculates your commission for you!

The PayCentre app now automatically calculates commission and agent charges during withdrawal transactions to make the experience smoother for agents and their customers.

the old and newly improved withdrawal interface on the PayCentre app
PayCentre App Withdrawal interface

You no longer need to manually calculate your commission and our charges before typing it in the slots. Simply enter the total amount you want to withdraw in the app and our system will do the calculation for you and credit you accordingly.

To enable this new feature; update your PayCentre App or search and download the App from the Play Store.

If you downloaded your current PlayCentre app from a google drive link, uninstall it and download the new and updated one from the Google Play Store.

We’re also delighted to inform you that transactions between 1000 – 5000 will now attract a charge of 0.75% instead of the previous #40.


If you need any help at all concerning withdrawals or updating the app, kindly send us an email at, or call our support team on 09082963289 or 07062689382.

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