How to make money in the PayCentre Agent Network

Agent banking is a system in which individuals are equipped with tools that let them carry out banking hall transactions for members of their community.

Agent banking gives people access to banking facilities and helps them get bank accounts and run transactions. PayCentre is a leading agent banking platform in Africa.

According to the EFInA 2018 report, only 39.45% of Nigeria’s adult population makes use of or have access to banking services. This is where Agent banking comes in to create employment opportunities and empower communities by creating simple banking facilities. 

PayCentre Agent Network offers the lowest charges in the market, fast dispute resolution, 99% uptime (network stability and high transaction success rate) and loan opportunities to agents. 

Below are 3 ways that you can make money every day on the PayCentre Agent Network. 

  • Become a PayCentre Agent: To become a PayCentre agent, you need an android device, Valid ID, your passport photo, signature, utility bill not older than 3 months, some startup capital and a prime or lucrative location. We have some ideas for prime locations in our post here 

Visit to sign up. After training and setting up, you’ll be able to carry out cash withdrawal, deposit, transfers, airtime top-up, bills payment and cable TV subscriptions for members of your community and make a profit off every transaction. 

  • Become a PayCentre Ambassador: The PayCentre Ambassadorship positions are open to existing agents, new agents and non-agents. Ambassadors act as the PayCentre’s foot soldiers who recruit new agents in unbanked communities, trains them, registers them and solve their inquiries.

As a PayCentre Ambassador, you get to a percentage of each transaction carried out by the agents under you for as long as they’re functioning in the PayCentre Network. The more agents you recruit and manage, the more money you earn each month.  

If you have awesome people skills, good customer support skills and are willing to go to unbanked communities to recruit new agents, send an email signifying your interest in PayCentre Ambassador program to 

Corps members and students in remote communities are highly encouraged to apply. 

  • Refer other agents to the PayCentre Network: This opportunity is open to PayCentre agents only when you refer a new agent to PayCentre and they use your code while registering, you get a percentage of our income off the referred agent’s transactions every month for 6 months. The more agents you refer, the higher your bonus every month. Ensure you give the new agents your code and they use it while registering so your bonus can be sent to you. 

The agent code can be located on the top right corner of your PayCentre Agent portal ( It starts with “PC/AGT/” 

Interested in being a part of the PayCentre family so you too can make money every day? Send us an email (, give us a call (0908 296 3289, 706 268 9382) or send us a message on social media; @Paycentreafrica (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) 

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