How we’re making ‘work from home’ work during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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To curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, our offices shut down the buildings over a week ago and asked everyone to work from home but we all know how difficult that can be especially when people are not used to it and have to do so under severe circumstances like this.

However, our team knows how important it is to keep working and providing support to our agents who are providing an essential service of financial inclusion to underserved and unbanked communities.

In this post, we get some insight into how some of our team members have transitioned into remote work superstars and the things put in place to ensure work goes on smoothly even if being done from home.

Stacy Ugbeda – Administrative Officer

Working from home has been okay, not bad considering the state of things right now. Here are some of the things I put in place to make sure working from home is smooth for me:

  •  I created a Permanent Work Space.
  • Got an Internet supplier that is working effectively.
  • Got a Comfortable Office Furniture.
  • Set my “Work Hours”: I create and update my To-Do Lists every morning
  • I exercise and stretch at intervals and then take short breaks.  

Austin Ojukwu – Infrastructure and IT officer

Working from home this period is quite fun and at the same time a bit stressful and boring as I need to adjust to the system.
Every day I have to pretend as if I’m going to the office, I wake up at the same time I used to when we had to work from the office and dress up for work, I don’t wear my shoes though.
I work on whatever is on my normal todo list, and whenever I’m bored, I pause whatever I’m doing and look at the latest news on the Covid19 or any other thing that helps to build me up.

Grace Akpan – Customer Service Representative

Working from home hasn’t been easy as the environment is not so serene and quiet, so many distractions and noise. To ensure I am always available to provide support to our clients, I buy fuel regularly so I can work as electricity is not constant in my area.

Olaoluwa Awojoodu – Chief Executive Officer

Well, it hasn’t been easy, but I am gradually adjusting. When I knew we were going to go remote, I focused on getting a very stable internet in the house. I did this by acquiring 3 different modems… subscribing to all 3 and figuring out which had better service in my region.

Akintola Oyewumi – Team Lead, Reconciliation and Revenue

Luckily for me, I have less distractions because I turned one of the 3 rooms in my house into my home office and my family keeps to themselves when I am working. This has been really helpful in ensuring that I continue providing good service to our clients.

So tell us, how has it been like working from home during the corona pandemic? What are some of the things you put in place to make WFH easier or smoother for you? Share with us!

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