We Are Because You Are – A message from our CEO

Dear Partner,  

Welcome to the New Year, a new chapter. An opportunity has presented itself for us to take stock, identify our challenges and work out solutions so that we can grow stronger together.  

2020 was a special year. The pandemic caused by the Corona Virus affected our lives in ways that cannot be put in words. It created the “new normal” which brought on new ways to transact. More importantly, People lost their lives; jobs and many businesses collapsed due to the pandemic.   

Despite the dreadful situation, we have continued to grow and expand, solely because of you. Our success and growth are dependent on your success. Our happiness is dependent on your happiness. Indeed, we exist today because of you.    

We are not unaware of the challenges you had in 2020 and the times we did not meet your expectations and our pledge this year is to do better by always putting you first.  

You have always been the soul of our business, and that is why over the past few years, PayCentre Africa became the first company to initiate instant settlements; ensuring that you have access to funds from your transactions as soon as possible. We were also the first company to create a working system to address most transaction disputes without going to the Bank. These are just a few of the several innovations we pioneered in the Agency Banking sector, and there’s more to come. 

We assure you that we are not taking our foot off the pedal. We will always continue to put you at the centre of our business. We are a company that recognises that we are in business because you are and your challenges matter to us, this year, we will introduce:  

  • Reduced transaction fees  
  • More reliable Transfer service  
  • Free insurance for all Agents  
  • Increased availability of devices for Agents that want to expand  
  • Access to loans to grow your business  
  • More training to improve your business  
  • More bills to vend  
  • A closer relationship and engagement with you through Cluster Managers.  

These are just a few of our recent innovations to help you succeed. We will continue to push till we have exceeded 200,000 successful Agent locations nationwide. We can only achieve this feat when you are successful.  

We are aware that the pandemic is still not over. However, we are now more prepared than ever, and we assure you that we will not be taken by surprise again. We have put in place structures that will prepare us for any unforeseen events.  

In 2021, we call on you to join us as we move to the next level in agent banking. Your businesses will succeed and thrive, and we will be right beside you every step of the way rooting for you. We are here, as long as you are, pandemic or not.  

Happy New Year! 

Stay Safe 

Olaoluwa Awojoodu 

Chief Executive Officer 

E-Settlement Limited 

12 Replies to “We Are Because You Are – A message from our CEO”

  1. If u people can meet up for all your go dis new year is going to show beautiful you are talking about our partnership

  2. Thanks to pay center staffs and management for the message,. I wish you and all the agents worldwide a successful year ahead

  3. Thanks for your sense of belonging. But I will like E settlement to make use of what we called SWOT analysis and apply it to their system so as to offset their competitors. Application of this SWOT analysis will give them more competitive edge over their competitors

  4. We are looking forward towards the fulfilment of these promises.
    God bless Paycentre!
    God bless Africa!!

  5. Thanks for your usual support and response,
    We look forward to you immediate offer.
    And also their seemed to be no telephone number to communicate with the customer care.

  6. Happy new year sir I very happy but pls sir help us check network issues some customer dey have trouble if bank debts them then not want to listen bank issues. Thank you Good will always bless paycenter

  7. Thanks for making us know that you care. We will like so see tremendous improvement in the fund transfer aspect. This will make life easier for all and sundry. Have a nice day.

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